Botanical Decor Krafting

BDK Marketing, Inc. designs and produces an extensive variety of Home Décor’ and Holiday floral offerings. 
Within this site we are spotlighting our “Elemental” themed products; which could be a great addition to your decor. 

This line includes a new series of Bonsai’s that are much easier to care for than others you might have reviewed in the past. The plants are intended to be easily removed from the outer pot for watering and care. While maintaining the complete Bonsai look, including rocks, moss and other features.  Since the plants are grown and shipped in their original growing pot, the roots remain undamaged, thus aiding in superior shelf and home life after purchase

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At BDK Marketing Inc., we're dedicated to mastering the art of living home décor. You supply the vision for your space, and we'll do the rest.